5 Checks to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is Running Smoothly

5 Checks to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is Running Smoothly

When the warmer weather arrives, you should always make sure that your air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as it should before the temperature begins to rise and the humidity becomes intolerable. There’s nothing worse as a homeowner than dealing with a faulty air conditioning unit during a heatwave. When it comes to appliances, it is always good to perform required maintenance on them to keep the appliances performing as good as they initially did when they were first purchased.

Because you want to remain comfortably cool throughout the warmer weather, we want to explore a few things you might check for when trying to figure out why your air conditioning unit is not running as it should.

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Look at the Filter

Always check the filter of your air conditioning unit to see if it is dirty. Most people forget about the filters in the midst of using their air conditioning units. However, the filters should not get neglected. You will need to pull the filter out, rinse it to remove the dirt, and make sure it is completely clean before putting it back in place. If you have a central unit, you should change the filter once every 30 days just to keep the unit running properly.

There are times when homeowners contact us here at JD Swallow because they have concerns about their units and the way that they are running. In most cases, the only problem is the dirty filter that is keeping the cool air from flowing as freely as it should throughout the property.

Check Your Thermostat

Take the time to check your thermostat to see what temperature it is on. You may want to lower the temperature when you are hanging out at home but increase the temperature when you are going out and will not be home for a while. You should have the thermostat installed in a spot where the sun is not beating on it. If the sunlight is constantly covering the thermostat, it could cause the temperature to change at random moments.

Look for Dirt on the Registers

When you have a cooling system that uses forced-air that spills from registers, you need to make sure those registers are clear. If there is a lot of dust and dirt on the registers, clean them off. You can use a dust brush or vacuum the dust away. Never cover the registers with anything in the home, such as a table or couch because then it could block some of the cool air from being released. If your duct-work is very dirty you may require duct cleaning.

Be Mindful of the Compressor

If you have a central air unit, you need to be mindful of the compressor. If the airflow is blocked, the unit cannot work correctly, so make sure nothing that you have outdoors is in the way of the compressor’s airflow. Some of the things that could block the airflow would include trees, plants, bicycles, and toys that are commonly used outdoors.

Keep Up with the Maintenance

Try to keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioning unit. You should have it inspected by a professional before the summer arrives because a professional would easily detect any issues, let you know about them, and then provide specific solutions. For example, you may need to have some refrigerant added to your unit or you may need a few replacement parts for any of the parts that are damaged and in poor condition.

Always keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioning unit to keep it in the best condition while quickly and easily detecting any potential problems that are developing.

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