About J.D. Swallow

INTEGRITY: We Provide Service At The Highest Industry Standards

Very few people have the personality, knowledge, and the expertise required to wear the J. D. Swallow name. Every technician maintains the high level of certification and expertise required to provide excellence in the heating and air conditioning industry, and each of our team members participates in ongoing training.  We make sure that we are current on the latest money-saving techniques and technical knowledge to help maintain the comfort and safety of your home.

We design, install, and service systems throughout the Ottawa area in accordance with the highest industry standards. We also continue our education by attending workshops, conferences, and through other educational pursuits.   

Ottawa heating and cooling repair service about us

We Promise To Only Do Work That Needs To Be Done

We focus on providing safe and efficient options for our clients. We specialize in installation, maintenance, and repair of heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, tankless water heaters, and duct cleaning. We will always notify you of any conditions we identify as unsafe or inefficient. However, we will never “manufacture” problems.  

We understand that to fix that which does not need fixing or to unnecessarily replace units would be to add to the problem and jeopardize our relationship.

We Promise To “Know What We’re Doing” And Take The Time To Do It Right – So Your Family Is Safe and Comfortable

You don’t want a sloppy job.  In fact, when installations and maintenance work is done badly (and this happens too often in our industry) it can end up costing you thousands more per year in utility and repair bills and may even cause serious health hazards. We don’t skip steps; we are the only company we know of that does the system checks “by the book” like we do.

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