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Nearly fifty years ago we set out to make a different kind of service company. We would become Ottawa’s most reliable contractors that could fix any furnace, boiler, water heater, or air conditioning system, and we would do it better than anybody else because of our absolute commitment to excellence.

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Ottawa residents report having some problems with heating and air conditioning contractors, including:

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Customers LOVE Our Transparent Pricing Options!

There are always multiple ways of fixing any heating or cooling system, ranging from “Band-Aid” fixes to full scale, “get your system performing like new” services — But most heating and air conditioning services act like there is just one EXPENSIVE fix, and they use pressure and even fear to get you to pay.

Ottawa Homeowners will NEVER have that kind of experience with J. D. Swallow.

The Quality and Efficiency Of Our Work Is Noticeable – And In Ottawa’s Unforgiving Climate, The Benefits Pour In, Year After Year

An inefficient furnace, boiler, or air conditioning system changes everything for your home. You can live comfortably, with low energy bills, year round. That kind of efficiency only occurs when the furnace, boiler, and air conditioning system is properly installed, tuned, and maintained by the most reliable, qualified technicians in Ottawa.

Ask Any Of Our Customers In The Ottawa Area And They’ll Tell You, J. D. Swallow Is Synonymous With Quality Work And Service With Integrity.

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