Big Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Air Conditioner


Big Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Air Conditioner

Summer has brought record temperatures again this year and the trend of rising temperatures is only going to continue it would seem. Rising temperatures can make your air conditioner work harder which can impact not only the lifespan of your unit, but also your wallet. In this article we hope to have a look at some common mistakes that you may be making which that can decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC unit.

Not Cleaning Your Filters

This is one of the most common and costly mistakes that you could be making with your air conditioner. The worst part is that these mistakes are extremely costly but very easy to prevent. You should be changing your filters once every three months at a minimum. That way, you will be able to keep your air conditioner from getting clogged up. If you are constantly running your AC, you are going to want to try to clean it much more frequently as it is going to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris.

By neglecting your filter changes, you are only going to reduce overall air flow which can limit the efficiency of your AC unit. Along with this, you might even cause issues with your entire unit by causing it to freeze up the evaporator coil since it is unable to do its job properly. Because of the inefficiencies, you could be adding a significant amount of money to your cooling bill which could easily be prevented. Likewise, you could be reducing the overall lifespan of your unit because it is forced to work harder and deal with the buildup. It is always a good idea to avoid these issues by simply replacing your filters routinely and it can provide you with significant savings over time due to improved efficiency and airflow.


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Not Investing in Routine Maintenance

You should be looking to get your AC unit maintained regularly every single year. You want to invest in routine maintenance for your air conditioner because it is going to allow you to minimize the potential repairs that you will need. After all, getting routine maintenance is going to help you detect potential issues with your AC unit prior to these issues becoming a huge problem. Along with this, getting routine maintenance will allow you to have a professional look for ways to improve the overall efficiency of your unit. They will be able to identify issues that could prevent your system from failing, they could keep your system running efficiently, and they can minimize costly mistakes that you make with your usage of your AC unit.

Not Having A Smart or Programmable Thermostat.

Another common mistake that can be easily avoided is not having a smart or programmable thermostat. Nowadays, there are thermostats that can learn your usage patterns when it comes to your AC unit. Because of this, you will be able to have your thermostat optimized to provide the greatest level of efficiency automatically. Having something like this can dramatically improve the efficiency of your entire system because you won’t have to deal with human error or simply forgetting to turn your system on or off all of the time. Getting a new thermostat that is programmable or that is smart can really save you big when it comes to your heating and cooling bills.

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You’re Setting Your Thermostat Low

A lot of homeowners are not entirely sure how they should be setting their thermostat. The fact is, you might be setting your thermostat far too low. The human body is capable of adapting to different temperatures much better than you might expect. If you are able to raise your thermostat as little as a single degree, you could lower your cooling bills considerably. Ideally, you want to have your thermostat changing as the weather changes to avoid setting your thermostat too low during days where it is extremely hot outside.

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