Causes of a Dusty Home

Why is My Home so Dusty?

If your house is dusty all of the time, there is possibly a problem with the available filtration system in your HVAC unit. Fortunately, there are safety measures you can enact to lessen the amount of dust particles entering your indoor air.

A dusty home isn’t just a poor reflection on you, but it can cause allergies and exacerbate respiratory symptoms. One of the most common causes of dust buildup in the home is your HVAC system not filtering the dust properly.

Below, we will detail some of the causes of a dusty home and the counteractive measures you can take to ensure it doesn’t affect your health!

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Dusty Air Filters

Air filters are generally your first line of defense against dust. As such, you need to double check whether they need cleaning or replacement at regular intervals. If your filters are too dirty to function as intended, it can lead to dust buildup in the home.

Leaking Air Ducts

If your filters are clean, the next culprit causing the dust may be your air ducts leaking. Leaking air ducts don’t just force your HVAC system to feel overloaded and work extra hard, but they actually release unfiltered dust particles into your indoor air environment. As a result, you will notice your energy bills rising and the amount of dust accumulating.

There are certain symptoms of leaking air ducts that should never get ignored. Apart from the rising energy costs you need to contend with and the lint and dust present on the air registers, your home may also suffer from inexplicable hot or cold spots.

If you suspect that your duct-work is indeed responsible for the problems within your home, it’s crucial to act quickly and seal off the joints that may contribute to the leakage. For serious repairs, however, it’s best to hire professional contractors.

 Too Much Humidity

High levels of humidity within a home can also cause dust to build. Running a dehumidifier is a simple way that’s effective and productive in preventing this problem. Ontario based homes are especially at risk for high levels of humidity that may lead to mold, fungi, and dust mites to gather indoors. If humidity is indeed the culprit, a dehumidifier can work wonders for your indoor air quality.

Other Problems And Timely Solutions

Check Windows

If your windows aren’t properly sealed and there are gaps, it can also cause dust to enter your home. Re-caulking your worn windows is a great way to renew their efficiency while ensuring a tighter fit.

Leave Shoes At The Door

Sometimes, you and your family members are directly responsible for tracking dust from outdoors. If you wear your shoes inside of the house, it can cause you to track in dirt and debris without meaning to. A simple fix to this problem is to simply leave your shoes in the hall or entryway.

In many instances, you can remedy the dust situation in your home by checking your HVAC system for leaks and cleaning out the filter as well as installing a dehumidifier in the home. If this doesn’t seem to help you get a better handle on the dust situation, it’s time to call a professional contractor to take a look at your HVAC system.

Are you noticing too much dust? A thorough duct cleaning service may be in order. Let us help you troubleshoot the problem by contacting JD Swallow today!

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