Common Home Heating and Cooling Issues Resolved

Typical Issues Encountered with Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If you want to keep your home comfortable and safe, you’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system. When your air systems are in excellent shape, the air quality in your home will be higher. Even if you take extra steps to keep your system in excellent condition, it’s likely that you’ll encounter issues at one point or another. If it’s no longer possible to repair your systems, you’ll want to look into your options for professional heating installation in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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There are many frequent issues people have with their heating and cooling system.  Some examples include:

Old or inefficient heating and cooling equipment

High utility bills

Improperly sized equipment

Poor air quality

A lack of comfort in the home

Some of these problems are simple to resolve. Other issues require the intervention of an expert.

Below are five of the most common issues that we believe people encounter and some recommendations on how to correct these issues:

Dusty or dirty thermostat:

When a thermostat is dirty or covered with dust, it can have an impact on the performance of the HVAC system. Thankfully, this problem can usually be fixed by cleaning the thermostat. In some situations, you may find that it’s better to replace your thermostat. The toggles on a thermostat, such as the wires, switches, and pressure settings, can go weaker over time. Every one of these things can have an impact on the heating and cooling in your house.

Dislodged parts in the system:

When your system is used, certain components, such as nuts and bolts, can start to loosen. You may hear a clattering or slapping noise when this happens. This can occur for a number of reasons. Covers could loosen. Foreign objects could get inside your system, or the rubber that moves certain components could start to fray. If there’s a buildup of dirt or dust, that could cause issues as well.

Vents aren’t opened:

It’s likely that there is a vent in every room of your house. A vent could be closed or blocked without you realizing it. Opening a vent could solve heating and cooling issues. Remember to check the diffuser adjustments as well as the balancing damper keys, which are usually located in the individual round supply ducts in your basement.

The air filter needs to be changed:

If an air filter needs to be changed, you’ll want to do that as soon as possible. When the filter gets plugged, the airflow into the system can be restricted, which can cause a lot of damage. In some cases, your furnace could actually shut down if you wait too long to change your filter.

Poor air quality in the home:

It’s likely that the air ducts in your home are in your attic. You’ll find many types of allergens and bacteria here. You could have a restricted airflow if your ducts are clogged.


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No matter what sort of issues you’re dealing with, you should work with a company that has extensive experience with heating and cooling repair and installation. Work with professionals that you can trust to handle the issues that you’re facing.

Contact JD Swallow Heating & Cooling and let us be your trusted professionals for all your home HVAC needs.

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