Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Protect Against Rising Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

The warmer months are almost upon us and along with them will come rising electrical bills as you look to fight the heatwave. Fortunately, there are different things you can do to protect against rising costs this summer and still keep your cool.

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Swap Out Your Windows

If your home already has some old windows, it might be time for some newer versions. A lot of the older windows aren’t energy efficient. You can easily cut costs by swapping out your older and non-energy efficient windows with windows that were designed with energy efficiency in mind. While this is sure to have upfront costs, you will end up making returns on your investment over the long haul by saving on energy costs.

Seal Them

If your windows aren’t sealed, you are already likely to deal with energy loss. Your windows need to be sealed to be energy efficient. Therefore, you can minimize costs associated with cooling your home by effectively caulking any cracks or leaks that exist on your windows. Likewise, by installing weather stripping throughout your home on the various windows, you can minimize the amount of cool air that is capable of escaping.

Get A Smart Thermostat

By getting either a smart or programmable thermostat, you will be able to cut energy costs by a significant amount by effectively adjusting temperatures in your home.  Some can even be set to function remotely which allows you to change your temperature even while you are away.

Energy Canada says you can save up to 10 percent annually by adjusting your temperature as little as 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours every day. These programmable thermostats are capable of automating the entire process, so you have effortless savings.

Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are some of the best ways to cut costs because they effectively circulate cool air throughout the room. This can take a lot of the burden off of your air conditioning system and improve whole-house energy efficiency as a result.

Replace Any HVAC Air Filters Regularly

Having clean filters in place on your HVAC system is going to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Any dust or build-up can prevent air from escaping and limit overall air circulation. Therefore, you want to make it as easy as possible for your air conditioning system to circulate air properly to avoid wasting energy.

Don’t Cook Inside

When you cook in your kitchen, you will be generating a lot of heat. Because of this, your air conditioning system will have to kick into overdrive to effectively compensate. During the summer months, you will likely be enjoying very pleasant temperatures and the weather outside. Because of this, it makes it an ideal time to consider outdoor cooking. By doing this a couple of times a week, you can reduce the strain on your air conditioning system. Along with this, you can use cooking methods that produce less heat like crockpots or electric griddles.

Reducing Sunlight

Having sunlight constantly beaming through your windows is one of the ways your home is going to heat up. By minimizing sunlight penetration into your windows, you can reduce this impact. You can do this by either planting shade trees outside your home or by using blackout shades or some other type of curtains to minimize penetration.

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Properly Insulating Everything

The windows in your home are one area cold air can leak, but it’s not the only place. You also want to focus on improving the insulation everywhere else including but not limited to your walls and attic.

Installing Solar Technology

Solar panels are one of the best ways to minimize energy waste. Because these panels harness the power from the sun, it can significantly reduce cooling costs because you will be decreasing your dependency on electrical companies.

Get Your System Serviced

Having a maintenance professional routinely inspecting your HVAC system is going to allow you to keep it operating at optimal capacity.

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