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Ottawa homes trust JD Swallow’s furnace repair and replacement professionals because of our outstanding reputation for integrity and service.  At the heart of our service is our flexible scheduling 

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Your Ottawa neighbors love JD Swallow furnace repair technicians because we come at a time that is convenient for you, and we always provide multiple furnace repair options for you to choose from. 

Ottawa homeowner’s trust JD Swallow furnace technicians because of our integrity. That integrity is about doing the right thing with your furnace.  We will not give you a scare story and tell you that your entire furnace must be replaced. Instead, we will diagnose the issue, then identify several ways that we can get your furnace working again – based on your budget and priorities, and then let you choose which option is best for your home.

Remember that a furnace will only work properly and deliver the comfort and savings you desire if your ductwork is properly designed. Without the right ductwork, you can pay too much on energy bills and STILL be uncomfortable. That’s why we take the necessary steps to ensure that your entire system – the furnace, boiler, or air conditioner, are all properly designed and working at peak levels.

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

You Typically Get Only One Or Two Furnaces Or Boilers In A Lifetime. If You Get The Wrong Units Or The Units Is Are Not Properly Installed, It Could Cost You In High Energy Bills And Discomfort For Years To Come

What Every Ottawa Homeowner Should Know About Furnace Repair and Replacement

It’s no secret that every home in Ottawa faces harsh, cold temperatures for nearly half the year. Homes around Ottawa must be equipped with a heating system and properly designed ductwork that will supply even, efficient warmth throughout your home during those cold months. When it comes to choosing a furnace, pay special attention to the energy rating and warranty details. Those are key indicators of the quality and durability of the heating unit.

However, your choice of a furnace will only represent potential energy savings and efficiency. Far too many furnaces are installed and operate from year to year without the proper installation and ductwork. When that occurs, the unit constantly underperforms. In order to actually realize the low-cost, steady supply of heat throughout your home, you need the expertise of a properly trained, trusted professional furnace technician. At best, you will end up having to pay more than you should for your heating bill. Each JD Swallow technician has been thoroughly vetted and tested to ensure they know how to maximize your furnace or boiler’s potential. At worst, an improperly installed furnace could end up creating a safety hazard for your family.

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If You Need More Efficient Heat In Your Home – It Might Be That Your Ductwork Needs Attention

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A furnace merely creates heat. It is a stationary heating source and relies on the ducts to distribute the heated air throughout your home. The ductwork design and upkeep have a tremendous impact on the performance of your furnace. While furnaces generate the heat, those ducts must be designed properly and kept clean, and the pressure checked regularly in order to deliver heat throughout your residence.

At JD Swallow, our furnace repair technicians can service all natural gas and propane appliances.

In addition, JD Swallow furnace repair technicians can install a wireless thermostat that enables you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even adjust the temperature using your cell phone. The thermostat is one of the more important furnace parts because it provides the signal for the furnace to start the heating process. Once the furnace receives the signal, the furnace fuels the burners inside the combustion chamber. This process creates heat that warms the air. The fans push the hot air into the rooms of the house via the furnace ducts.

Once your furnace is properly installed and the ductwork is professionally installed and checked, your system can begin to provide the heat necessary to keep you comfortable at home. Then, it is important to schedule regular furnace checkups to ensure that your furnace continues to provide efficient, safe heat for your home.

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