If You Live In Ottawa, Invite Us To Perform A Home Analysis And Give You Recommendations For The Most Efficient Way To Optimize Your Hot Water Supply

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

We are specially trained in the latest methods to optimize new boilers with the latest technologies and updates. We are Ottawa’s certified experts in working with the future’s gas boiler technology today.  Everything we do – from design and engineering to implementation, to maintenance and custom craftsmanship – is simply the highest level you’ll find in Ottawa.

If you live in Ottawa, invite us to perform a home analysis and make recommendations for the most efficient way to supply and optimize your hot water.

Call us and let us add the convenience of advanced engineering with our exceptional installation designs to ensure that you have reliable and efficient hot water and efficient heat for your home all year long.

Trinity Ti Features:

    • Available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions with a modulation system that eliminates additional models


    • State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system with hot surface ignition


    • Patented 316L stainless condensing heat exchanger provides ultimate efficiencies


    • All connections are placed for easy, convenient installation.


    • Wall mount configuration saves valuable floor space


    • Vents easily with conventional ABS, PVC or CPVC plastic piping


    • The TRINITY has industry-leading modulation rates, which significantly increases comfort while reducing cycling and fuel consumption


    • The distinctive casing design reduces costly standby losses, while virtually eliminating combustion noises


    • The high-capacity plate heat exchanger on combination models provides ample domestic hot water


  • The TRINITY is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, ASME and CSAus codes

Trinity Lx Features:

    • 5.7″ touchscreen display with an easy-to-read format, high level of controllability and customization (by both user and installer), Modbus communication, an array of software features, and extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting functions.


    • Efficiencies of up to 98% steady state and 97% AFUE, and savings of up to 25%


    • Industry-leading modulation rates of up to 8:1


    • Can lead to a reduction of 2.5 tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to two acres or 280 trees


    • Floor or wall-mount configuration


    • Factory-installed condensate trap with no moving parts


    • Spark ignition with dual electrodes using a high-output transformer


    • Removable door and hinged display panel for ultimate serviceability


    • No clearance required on the back, bottom or right side


    • Three configurable pump outputs


  • Integrated combustion platform (ICP) 
      • Plug-In-Module card contains model specific information; can be used to upload/download custom settings


      • All operations are performed in one electronic controller


      • Sliding electrical box makes servicing easy


      • Critical components are independently fused for superior protection


      • Multiple inputs and outputs for ultimate controllability


      • Accepts modulation input from other energy management controllers


      • Quick connectors allow for easy diagnostics


    • High-capacity spark ignition generator