The Health Benefits of Humidifiers

The Health Benefits of Humidifiers

There are numerous health benefits to using a humidifier in your home, and several compelling statistics that support this assertion. For example, two studies conducted within the last few years confirm that increasing a room’s humidity level to 43 percent or more considerably minimizes the chances of an airborne virus causing a flu infection. These viruses love low-humidity environments, with around 75 percent off them capable of transmitting the flu through coughs in such conditions. But at a humidity level of 43 percent or higher, that 75 percent number shrinks to just 14 percent.

With this in mind, here are some other big health benefits provided by humidifiers

Healthier, Softer skin

Dry air (especially cold, dry air) de-moisturizes human skin, leading to issues such as flaking, dryness, dullness, and an overall appearance of accelerated aging. A humidifier near Ottawa counteracts these problems, keeping skin looking vibrant and healthy.

A Normal-sounding Voice

When we wake up in and/or spend a lot of time in dry environments, our vocal chords are affected, with the result being a raspy, sometimes growling voice – especially in the morning. A humidifier keeps the vocal cords nice and moist, helping us sound like ourselves at all times of day.

Better Sleep

Dry air has an adverse effect on sleep quality, rendering sinuses and throats dry. This is especially noticeable with snorers, with dry air exacerbating a person’s snoring issues. Turning on a humidifier before bed and sleeping in moist air makes everything a person feel warmer inside and out, a condition that facilitates a better night’s sleep and less snoring.

Lower Heating Costs

This is one benefit that surprises a lot of people. It’s a natural fact that humid air feels warmer than dry air, which means that a home’s occupants will feel warmer when a humidifier is running, even in winter. As such, there’s less temptation to turn the heat up, which translates to a lower monthly heating bill.

Resistant Sinuses

As mentioned above, dry air = dry sinuses. One of the downsides to dry sinuses is less resistance to viruses and bacteria. Running a humidifier keeps the sinuses comfortable and heightens their ability to ward off colds and flus. Plus, your nose and throat will feel much better; no more dry, tight feeling.

Reduced Electric Shocks

At some point or another, everyone has received an unpleasant electric shock during wintertime due to a propensity of dry air. Minimize your home’s “shock value” by using a humidifier to moisten the air.

Quicker Healing

In the event that you do contract a cold or flu virus (the likelihood of which increases in the presence of children), using a humidifier can help you recover faster. When the throat and nasal passages are perpetually moist, the speed at which viruses are eradicated increases. Plus, virus-related symptoms like sneezing and coughing are mitigated.

Your Plants Will Thank You

Houseplants offer myriad physical and psychological benefits. But even though they aren’t “built” like humans, they’re still adversely affected by dry air, which symptoms including droopy, sick leaves and overly dry soil. Using a humidifier benefits your greenery, which in turn benefits you.

For all of your humidifier needs, contact J.D. Swallow in Ottawa today and start living healthier.

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