With Cold Weather Ottawa Area Homeowners Often Keep Their Windows Closed – And That Can Actually Cause Indoor Air Pollution That’s Hard On Your Health

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The Air In Your Home May Be One Hundred Times More Polluted Than The Worst Air Outside. At J. D. Swallow we provide expert services that can help you improve your indoor air quality.

Indoor air pollution is often among the top five environmental dangers to the people of Ottawa. Most people spend 90% of their time indoors where they can be exposed to high levels of air pollutants.

Indoor Air Pollution Can Cause Sickness. It Can Make You Tired, Nauseous, And Cause Allergic Reactions – And In Very Severe Cases, It Can Be Fatal.

There Are Two Forms Of Indoor Air Pollution: Particles and Gases.

Particle Pollutants can include small living organisms such as bacteria and viruses. They can also include mite and cockroach body parts; dander from cats, dogs, and other animals; fungal spores; molds; pollens; and more. Dust mite feces and body parts can become airborne and cause allergic reactions and illnesses.

Gas Pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and from poorly vented gas cooking and heating appliances, cigarette smoking, vehicle exhaust; gases also come from furnishings, insulation and building materials such as plywood and particle board an cleaning supplies, adhesives, paints, and varnishes.

Find Out if the Air in Your Home is Polluted With a J. D. Swallow Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Let J. D. Swallow Heating and Air Conditioning perform a thorough check on the air quality in your home. We’ll test the air in your home to see if it is safe, or if it could be causing unnecessary health problems and suffering. We offer in home air quality test and assessment – Call (613) 822-7974 today!