Choose A Gas Furnace That Offers Top Line Performance And Has The Strongest Warranty In The Business

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

For Ottawa Homeowners, we recommend that you make your decision based on four factors:

    1. The Product Warranty: look for the best-written manufacturer’s warranty you can find. Look for warranty coverage that offers you the maximum coverage, for the longest period of time. We always look for an extended multiple-year warranty with every unit. The systems we install have some of the best track records in the industry in both reliability and energy savings categories, and there’s no other company that dares match their warranty.
    2. The Energy Efficiency Rating: you want a system that is going to heat your home as safely and efficiently as possible. Carefully check the energy rating because the higher the rating, the more it will save you over time.
    3. The Appropriate Size: even though this may seem obvious, a lot of technicians get the size of the unit wrong. Choosing the right size heating unit for your home has everything to do with the specific features of your home. The proper size will depend on the number of windows, number of doors, ventilation, number of walls and how they influence the flow of air, and other factors. If the unit is too large, it will use up a lot of energy and you’ll have higher bills. If the unit is too small it may run constantly and you will likely end up having it wear out and require a replacement.
    4. The Price of the Unit: prices vary depending on product warranty, the company’s marketing costs, and the variation in the quality of the internal parts. Don’t just go for the cheapest model. There is enough difference between the different models to make it worth carefully considering the best unit you can afford. You want your investment to pay for itself, and the most efficient systems will do that quickly. So, carefully examine the warranty and the find out how reliable the system is.


At J. D. Swallow Heating and Air Conditioning We Provide:


    1. Five price options that keep You in charge of your decision
    2. We schedule services during the evening and weekends – without any additional fees


Too Many HVAC Technicians Function Just Like Salespeople, Selling New Systems For High Commissions

Most of them are hourly technicians, not business owners – so they are not really interested in long-term relationships and having hundreds or even thousands of happy customers. They get paid a modest hourly rate, but they get big bonuses if they can sell you a whole new heating or cooling system. So, when faced with an opportunity to repair a unit, guess what they will recommend for you? That’s right – they’ll sell you a whole new system, and pocket their bonus.

Don’t Rely On Hourly Technicians Who Just Want To Get You To Buy Expensive New Systems – Or You’ll End Up Paying For It For Years To Come!