How To Deal with Your Air Conditioner When It’s Frozen

How To Deal with Your Air Conditioner When It’s Frozen

The air conditioner in your home works overtime to ensure that the ambient temperature inside of your home is comfortable. However, there are times when it stops working as it should. If you find ice forming around your cooling unit, you will experience decreased performance and your system may even stop running altogether.

If you’ve found that you have ice on your air conditioner, you will want to contact the cooling experts at JD Swallow at (613)-822-7974. We have experienced professionals that are highly proficient when it comes to all things dealing with air conditioning repair or replacement in and around the Ottawa area.

There are a couple of different reasons ice could be forming in and/or around your AC unit. One of the most common is not getting the right kind of maintenance on your system. Certain things can be done to keep your A/C functioning properly to prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

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Some of the best preventative tasks that you can take include:

Changing the Filter

One of the things you should be doing is swapping out the air filter. If you have a clogged filter, it’s going to struggle to push air through it. This is an important part of the cooling process. This can end up negatively impacting the refrigerant inside of the coil which can cause added moisture to build up. This can end up turning the moisture into ice. It’s always a good idea to look at your filter monthly and change it out when you can no longer see light through it.

Clean the Coil

Regardless if you are keeping up with your filter changes, you can deal with a dirty coil developing ice. JD Swallow technicians can properly and routinely clean out the evaporator coil that can stop the ice process from happening. This is a part of our comprehensive maintenance program. We typically suggest arranging this type of preventative maintenance at least once annually to keep your coil properly clean and to reduce the chances your system suffers from this type of issue.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

When your system doesn’t have the needed amount of refrigerant, it can cause your coil to not be able to properly transfer enough heat. This can cause ice to build up. Because of this, your home is likely going to get hotter and much more unpleasant. One of the most common problems that can lead to this issue is leaking refrigerant.

Servicing Electrical Wiring

Having problems with your wiring is another thing that can cause this issue because it can negatively impact the blower motor. Without the requisite consistent airflow, the temperature is likely to drop and there will likely be ice formation because of it. By calling on certified HVAC technicians like the ones over at JD Swallow, you will be able to have all of the electrical components properly examined with routine maintenance visits which can decrease the chances of this happening.

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The ice formation on your AC unit may be caused by an even larger issue. After all, no air conditioner unit will last forever. If you have one that requires an R-22 refrigerant, you aren’t going to be able to replace it because it’s not being produced any longer.

If you are constantly having to pay for AC repair and your bills are compounding, it might be time to go ahead and replace it altogether. We offer the professional repair services or replacement that you need to stay cool and comfortable this year. We have a very straightforward and affordable installation process to ensure you can get everything sorted and back to normal quickly.

Don’t continue to ignore the ice buildup on your AC unit. Contact the professionals at JD Swallow right now and you can count on us to deliver the repair or replacement service you need.

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