Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home may be one hundred times more polluted than the worst air outside. At J. D. Swallow, we provide expert services that help improve your home air quality.

Indoor air pollution is often among the top five environmental dangers to Ottawans. This isn’t too surprising, since most people spend 90% of their time indoors – where they can be exposed to high levels of air pollutants. The World Health Organization estimates that 40% of all buildings have indoor air quality and thus pose a serious health hazard. These buildings lack proper air filtration, which increases the chances of getting sick. This is a problem in households too – one that’s compounded by the fact that air fresheners deployed to mitigate a bad smell in the home can actually make things worse. Instead of attacking the pollution in the air, an air freshener only masks the foul odor – and in doing so adds even more chemicals to the air.

The more a person ages, the greater the impact indoor air pollution can have. Over time, air pollutants coalesce in the lungs and stiffen the muscles, making it harder to breathe. Indoor air pollution also exacerbates the symptoms of asthma sufferers, and can be particularly harmful to small children, whose immune systems aren’t fully developed. Toddlers spend a lot of time on the carpet, where scores of pollutants gather.

Indoor Air Pollution Can Cause Sickness. It Can Make You Tired, Nauseous, and Cause Allergic Reactions – and In Very Severe Cases, It Can Be Fatal.

There are two forms of indoor air pollution: particles and gases.

Particle Pollutants: these include small living organisms like bacteria and viruses. They can also comprise mite and cockroach body parts, dander (from cats, dogs, and other animals), fungal spores, molds, and pollens. Plus, it’s common for dust mite feces and body parts to become airborne and cause allergic reactions and illnesses.

Gas Pollutants: sources include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen dioxide, along with poorly-vented gas cooking and heating appliances, cigarette smoking, and vehicle exhaust. There are also less well-known sources of gas pollutants: those which come from furnishings, insulation, and building materials like plywood and particle board, as well as from cleaning supplies, adhesives, paints, and varnishes.

Many people would be surprised to hear that indoor air pollution is the cause of 4x more deaths per year than outdoor air pollution. But the truth is, indoor air is significantly more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air. This is why there are an estimated 2.2M deaths annually due to indoor air pollution, as opposed to “just” 500,000 attributed to outdoor air pollution.

Find Out If the Air In Your Home Is Polluted With A J. D. Swallow Indoor Air Quality Assessment

J. D. Swallow Heating & Air Conditioning will perform a thorough review of your home’s air quality. Our local HVAC company will test the air in your home to confirm whether it is safe, or whether it could be causing unnecessary health problems and suffering. We offer no-obligation, no-charge in-home air quality testing and assessment. Call (613) 822-7974 today!

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