Do I Need a Humidifier?

Humidity Levels Too Low?

Are you suffering from a dry nose and skin? Do you get more static shocks than normal? If any of these are happening, then your home might have humidity levels that are too low. A humidifier is a great way to remedy all of this.

When your home’s indoor air gets too dry, then it has the potential to aggravate your allergies, among other respiratory complications. Canada’s winters mean people spend quite a bit of time inside. Constant exposure to substandard interior air quality eventually can have a negative impact on your physical comfort, followed by your actual health.

When your home’s humidity levels are low, it’s natural for the air to feel cooler than normal. As a result, you might boost your thermostat to a higher level in order to keep your home at a cozy temperature.

A humidifier can fix so many of these issues.

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The following are just a few of the advantages such an appliance can provide you and your home:

Easier to Breathe

Winter sickness can range from having a simple cold to full-on flu, but either can irritate your airways, nasal passages, and throat. Enjoy soothing relief by adding moisture to your home’s air. Even if you’re healthy, properly humidified air can make it so much easier to sleep and breathe.

Healthy and Soft Skin

Dry winter climate is hated for chapped lips and itchy skin that hurts. Your two hands suffer from dryness more than the rest of your body since they don’t have the same number of oil glands. It doesn’t help that your hands also get washed quite a bit more frequently than the rest of your body. A humidifier is a great way to help keep your skin moisturized in wintertime.

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Furniture Protection

As moisture levels drop in the surrounding air, it can dry out wooden furniture, leading to splits and cracks. Regrettably, this kind of damage often becomes permanent. Keeping appropriate humidity levels throughout your home can keep your furniture protected, leaving it in good condition for longer than it would otherwise be.

Reduced Static Shocks

Dry air means it is more likely that you get shocked by some static electricity anytime that you touch something inside your home. Lower the number and frequency of shocks by letting a humidifier add moisture to your home’s air.

Houseplants That Are Happy

Most houseplants do better when their surrounding environment is warm and humid. In wintertime, homes are more likely to get dry and cool, and that’s harder on many plants. If you start noticing wilted leaves or even dying plants, then the low levels of humidity in your home might be the culprit.

Contact us here at JD Swallow to get assistance with selecting the right humidifier for your home. We can offer our expertise and industry knowledge to answer any question you might have.

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