We Provide The Price Possibilities And Recommendations – Then You Choose Which Option You Want

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

There is always more than one way to fix a problem. However, too many people end up getting an expensive estimate from a contractor, and then get pressured into spending more than they wanted on a fix that might not even be necessary.

To help you avoid making an uninformed decision, we always provide FIVE price options for you to choose from – ranging from Band-Aid fixes to full system renovations.

Our pricing provides Ottawa homeowners with the flexibility they want.

When it comes to prices, here’s what you should consider:

  • Make Sure You’re In Control: There are different ways to solve every heating and air conditioning job.  There are ways to provide a “band aid” fix that get your unit back up and running, and there are full-scale system renovations that can really rejuvenate your system. Don’t let any technician tell you that there’s just one (expensive) way to fix your problem.
  • Beware Scare Tactics: A lot of technicians can earn more money if they get you to pay more.  So, they tell you that you simply have to do what they tell you to do, and pay what they tell you to pay. They’ll tell you to trust them… after all they’re the professional.  Don’t fall for it!  Be sure to make an informed decision after weighing your options.  
  • No Extra Charges For After Hours and Weekends: Be careful; some contractors will bill you extra for evening or weekend appointments. They would rather have you take a sick day and wait for them when it’s convenient for them.


To learn more, request our free consumer guide and learn the 8 critical things to avoid so that you don’t get burned by your service contractor.


Make Informed Decisions When You Choose A Heating and Air Conditioning Professional So That You Don’t Have To Pay For Their Mistake Later


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