Why is my Furnace Is Running Constantly?

Why your furnace might be running so much …

The HVAC unit in a home is put to work as it’s responsible for both heating and cooling. During the winter, the furnace keeps your home properly warmed by circulating all of the heated air throughout the home. If your furnace is running non-stop, there could be a couple of causes for that.

Below, you will learn why your furnace might be running so much.

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What Is A Furnace And How Does It Work?

The furnace is a heating system that uses propane, oil, and/or electricity to heat the home. The furnace works by blowing hot air through an entire network of ducts. These ducts deliver warm air to various areas throughout your home.

There are several types of furnaces available including:

Central Furnaces

The central furnace is the most common. The central furnace is located right in the basement or garage and it utilizes the home’s ductwork to effectively distribute warmth throughout the home.

Wall Furnace

The wall furnace is wall-mounted. It’s usually mounted on an exterior wall and it doesn’t require ductwork.

The most common furnace is a gas furnace. A gas furnace strictly uses gas to heat your home.

Oil Furnace

An oil furnace uses oil to distribute heat throughout your home. For an oil furnace, you need a storage tank of oil for it to work.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace works by utilizing electricity to heat the coils which effectively warms the air it pushes through.

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Reasons Your Furnace May Run Non-Stop

Your Filters Are Clogged

When you have your filters get clogged, it can restrict the airflow and result in your furnace overheating. This is the most common reason you may have a furnace that overheats. This is the main reason you might have your furnace continually running. You’ll need to swap out your filters if you want to avoid this. With clogged filters, your furnace constantly has to push through the air and work harder to do so. This can result in everything overheating. It can be easily prevented by swapping out your furnace’s filters. This is something you need to do regularly if you have pets.

Blower Problems

If your furnace’s blower isn’t working as it should, it’s likely to lead to your furnace overheating. This can result in your furnace running continually. You want to have a professional looking at your furnace to ensure nothing is broken.

Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat is the main thing that is responsible for relaying whether or not your furnace should be turned on or off. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it can result in your furnace getting the wrong messages. This can cause your furnace to run when it shouldn’t. A thermostat issue is typically the direct result of a bad thermostat, bad battery, or a loose wire.

Dirty Sensors

Another common cause of your thermostat running continually is a faulty or dirty sensor. This is especially true if you have a gas furnace. If your flame sensor is dirty, it’s going to cause the burner to be triggered even when it shouldn’t. The flame sensor is a safety device that’s attached to the furnace, and it tells the furnace when the burner is lit. When it gets dirty, it can cause the furnace to detect an unlit burner which will cause it to continually ignite when it shouldn’t.

The Temperature’s Set Too High

If the thermostat’s temperature is set too high, the furnace will end up continuing to run even when it shouldn’t. It’s going to continue running until it reaches the right temperature. This is typically not the best way to heat your home as it’s likely to result in your utility bills skyrocketing.

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