Automatically Detect And Stop Water Leaks Before They Can Ruin Your Floors, Property, And Valuables

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Aqua Snitch Is Perfect For:

  • Anyone that wants to prevent water damage to valuables, pictures, or irreplaceable heirlooms
  • Cabins
  • People who travel away from home
  • Older homes, basements, under sinks or toilets
  • Anyone that wants to prevent water damage to floors and walls
aqua snitch flood alarm
Insurance companies receive reports of hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from water leaks each year. The AquaSnitch system identifies leaks, and can alarm to notify you of the problem. 

Leaky Faucets, Water Heaters, Broken Pipes, Or Other Appliances Can Drip Water UNDETECTED For Days, Weeks, or Even Years.

The damage is usually done before you ever realize there is a problem.

When water drips or flows into walls or floors of your home, wood floors, carpet, photos, furnishings, and the walls themselves can be destroyed. This can lead to mold, mildew, and loss of irreplaceable valuables.

Aqua Snitch Solves This Problem By Detecting And Alarming When There Is A Water Problem (It Can Even Turn The Water Off!

Now J. D. Swallow created Aqua Snitch: a system that places sensors in those at-risk areas to automatically detect water leaks before they can cause further damage.

This Is The Most Effective Way Of Preventing Water Damage And Saving Your Property.

Until now, you had to wait to discover water damage yourself – after your valuables are ruined. Then, the cleanup or what was salvageable is expensive, time consuming, and difficult. But with Water Snitch, you can detect and prevent catastrophic water leaks from ever ruining the possessions you value most.

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