Radiant Heating

With Our Radiant Floor Heating System, When The Cold Ottawa Air Rules The Outdoors, Your Floors Will Provide Comfy, Cozy Living All Day Long

Call J. D. Swallow to get almost instant comfort in cold areas at the touch of a button. Heat rises from the patented ultra-thin heating that flows from your floor, and keeps your feet and any room comfortable through those cold winter months. Heat rises, and this radiant heat flooring option changes cold floors during Ottawa’s harsh winters into comfortable, cozy warm floors! Heating comfort right at your feet. 

measuring tiles to go over radiant floors

Just Feel The Warmth Radiating From The Floor

Uses Far Less Power Than Space Heaters Without The Safety Risks!

Radiant floor heating is healthy heating for your family. The natural warmth of the sun is radiant heating. Unlike hot air systems, it does not blow dust, bacteria, and pet dander around your home all winter or dry out the air causing respiratory problems. Radiant heating just leaves the air refreshing.

Save on Energy Bills

Radiant heating heats surfaces rather than the air. With in-floor radiant heat, your home and everything in it is heated evenly so you don’t have hot and cold spots. When your floor is warm, your feet are warm too, giving you a cozy feeling. This means you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature and save on your energy bills.

Floor Coverings for Radiant Heating

Ceramic tiles are best for in-floor radiant heating because they build up thermal storage and conduct heat well. Linoleum, vinyl, wood, and carpeting can also be used.

If you want to put carpet over your in-floor radiant heating, use a thin carpet with dense padding and use as little carpet as possible. For wood flooring, use laminated wood instead of solid wood to reduce the chance of the wood cracking and shrinking from the heat.

Floor coverings on a floor that has radiant heating can reduce the amount of heat that rises into the room. If you want to put floor coverings in some rooms but not others, a separate loop may be needed to accommodate the different heat levels required.

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