When You Get Your Hot Water Heater From J.D. Swallow,
You Get A RATE LOCK Guarantee That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

While Other Hot Water Heater Rental Services Can Hike Your Rates To Whatever They Want, J.D. Swallow Offers Vista With A Locked-In Rate

All across Ottawa, homeowners wake each morning, take a hot shower, and go about their day, not knowing that their hot shower that morning may have just cost them more than it did the day before. What most people do not realize is that the hot water heater rental contract they have allows the leasing company to raise their rates. Naturally, the initial contract looks good, with an attractive low rate. However, after the first year, the leasing company can quietly raise the rate. They can raise it again the following year. After several years, what looked like a good deal ends up being too expensive. Once you realize the price has gone up, you may also find out that you can get out of the bad rental contract – but it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

There is another problem with these hot water heater rental agreements. The companies servicing the hot water heater may not have service technicians that have passed background checks or technicians that have been thoroughly trained.

When You Get Your Hot Water Heater Rental From J. D. Swallow, You Get The Assurance That Comes With Ottawa’s Best Service Guarantee

Protect Yourself! Don’t let yourself get a water heater rental agreement that could be subject to expensive price hikes, year after year. Rent Your Water Heater From J.D. Swallow and get a Vista rate lock guarantee.