Steps to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Steps to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, it’s time to begin preparing your furnace for winter. Prep it for the upcoming season with these these tips from J.D. Swallow in Ottawa. 

Tip #1: Create a Safe Environment

If spring, summer, and fall have seen your furnace surrounded by a steady accumulation of boxes, clothes, and other clutter, now is the time to clear those items away and give your furnace room to “breathe”. Not only does this minimize the chances of a fire hazard, it also gives your furnace access to unobstructed airways. In a similar vein, this is also a good time to test your carbon monoxide detector and give it new batteries if needed.

From a safety perspective, it’s also a smart move to have our local furnace company come out and inspect your furnace before the weather turns cold. This is especially important if you have an older unit. A professional inspection can uncover hidden dangers that might manifest if left undetected. snowy property

Tip #2: Clean Your Vents

Over the last several months, it’s likely that your home’s vents have accumulated their share of dirt, debris, allergens, and hair. A buildup of these things can compromise your furnace’s efficiency, so take the time to clean the vents and ensure optimum air flow. Also, reposition any items that might be blocking your vents.

Tip #3: Air Duct Inspection

Clean air vents are important, and so too are clean air ducts. But while the vents are easy for a homeowner to clean, an air duct inspection/cleaning should be undertaken by an experienced HVAC company serving Ottawa. Fall is the right time to make an appointment for our team to visit your home and make sure your ductwork is in good shape. Our highly-trained team will rid your ducts of debris, patch up any holes we find, and take all necessary steps to ensure your ductwork is in the right condition to support your furnace.

Tip #4: Replace Your Air Filter

Of all the things you can do to positively impact your furnace, replacing the air filter is arguably the easiest. Thankfully, air filter replacement is widely considered to be the most important maintenance task for optimizing your furnace’s performance. Simple and effective is a good combination, and you can throw in “budget-friendly” too, since air filters are inexpensive.

Tip #5: Test Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives

With your furnace having laid dormant for several months, it’s a great idea to take it for a test run before the mercury drops. The biggest things you want to check for are a) that the furnace is distributing heat equally to all of your home’s rooms, and that the temperature is comfortable, and b) that your furnace isn’t making any unusual sounds, i.e. rattling and banging. If you discover that your furnace is underperforming on either front, that’s when it’s time to call J.D. Swallow for an inspection.

Schedule an Inspection

Our nearby furnace dealer supports its customers with professional furnace repair, HVAC installation, ductwork cleaning, and more. Contact us today for pre-winter service, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared for anything the snowy season brings.

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