Ottawa Homeowners Just Can’t Beat The Tempstar® Heating Systems When It comes To Performance, Durability, And A Warranty That Provides Real Peace of Mind

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

We recommend Tempstar® heating and cooling systems to stand up to Ottawa’s tough winters. With J. D. Swallow, you get expert installers and technicians that can keep your units running in top condition so that you can live comfortably, with tremendous energy efficiency. With Tempstar systems, you’re choosing enhanced dependability and some of the most innovative technology in the home comfort industry.

We are proud to give you the latest in engineering and technology. Our products are designed to deliver the best in quality, energy efficiency and reliability, and each is 100% run tested.


JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

Get Peace of Mind with Industry-Leading Warranties

Protect your home comfort investment with exceptional warranties that give you additional comfort. Tempstar® premium products include our No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty, and all of our products are covered with a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration. So leave your worries out in the cold and find your home comfort solution that’s backed by protection to ensure years of reliable performance.

No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty

The No Hassle Replacement limited warranty assures you of continued comfort. You get a replacement unit if a major component (the compressor, coil or heat exchanger) should fail during the coverage period. Ask your dealer for details.

The No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty is matched to four mainline product groups:

  • 10 Years – Top-of-the-line products
  • 5 Years – Mid-tier products
  • 1 or 3 Years – Standard-level products


The Tempstar System Offers You The Potential To Be Comfortable. J. D. Swallow Technicians Make That Potential A Reality.

We are specially trained to install and maintain Tempstar systems to optimize their performance and unleash the energy efficiency and savings potential that comes with engineering excellence.

Tempstar units include exceptional warranties that promise a No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty on premium products. They also offer extra coverage with a 10-year parts and compressor limited warranty* for peace of mind. Our warranty options are hard to surpass, just like our dependable products.

When J. D. Swallow Installs Your Tempstar Furnace, You Will Have Steady, Efficient, And Comfortable Heat All Year Long

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

It’s important to know that most heating and air conditioning units are made in about the same way, with similar parts. There are some extreme examples on the high and low ends of the price range, but the vast majority are going to give you about the same level of potential performance.

Combine The Efficiency Of Your Tempstar System With Our Knowledge and Expertise, You Will Get Energy Savings And Peace Of Mind, Year After Year

Tempstar’s Energy Efficient Furnaces Provide Steady Home Comfort

The systems include energy-saving options for more even temperature control and quiet operation. You can get systems that offer all the most advanced technologies and conveniences modern engineering can provide.