Trends in Ductless Air Installation

Considering Ductless Air?

Since their inception, air conditioners have undergone a couple of major changes. The first unit was designed by Willis Carrier in 1902 and sported ductless technology. Over many years, they’ve managed to completely evolve with the help of crafty minds.

Even up to this day, air conditioners are being constantly modified to produce better technology. Due to this, there are now even smart solutions. This just simply means that the industry has opened up and more and more ductless systems are being installed.  JD Swallow is a trusted installer when it comes to ductless air and we are more than happy to help you decide if a ductless system is right for you.

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Trends in Ductless Air Installation

Smarter Ductless Air Conditioners

With the continued advancement in the field, air conditioners are becoming more and more intelligent. They’re now fitted with thermostat monitoring and the regular set of components that have become industry standard over the years. With more and more ductless installations, they’ve become high-efficiency units that offer a great deal of functionality. In essence, they can now easily modify both cooling and heating cycles as needed to save money.

Smart Thermostats

These packages can now be put into ductless systems to increase the capabilities. This allows them to easily connect to tablets, smartphones, and computers. To connect these devices to computers, you’ll need to ensure that you’re connected to WiFi or using Bluetooth. Hence, users will be able to control their devices accurately and easily from remote locations.

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Ductless Air Installation and Technology

The mini-split air conditioner has come a really long way. These are among the world’s most leading units if you look at efficiency and energy consumption. What sets this system apart is the specially designed compressor on the inside of it. Hence, it can be connected to air handlers on the inside.

In other words, the air handlers can be placed at different locations throughout your home. The best part of this is that they don’t require any additional construction or ductwork. Ductless systems tend to come fitted with thermostats that allow them to be set at different temperatures in your home. This makes cooling rooms even easier.

Air Purifying

When you live in an environment with poor air quality, you can expect that your health will deteriorate over time. The last thing you need is poor health and an ill family. With the ductless variant, you can rest assured since the system also purifies the air. This ensures that your family is safe and surrounded by the air that they need.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about these systems, contact us here at JD Swallow for more details. With over 30 years of trusted sales and service under our belts, we are happy to give you suggestions and a no-obligation quote to suit all of your HVAC needs!

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