Heating And Air Conditioning Companies In Ottawa, CA

At JD Swallow we are absolutely determined to provide Ottawa’s finest heating and air conditioning services. To accomplish that goal, we promised to raise the bar and we have become the new standard in our industry. We realized that in order to be the best, we needed to identify and solve all the biggest problems people have with heating and air conditioning companies in Ottawa, and so that is exactly what we did. The problems Ottawa homeowners told us they wanted fixed included:

Problem 1: Having to stay home all day or even take off work waiting for a technician to show up.

The JD Swallow SOLUTION: we decided to provide service on evenings and weekends, without any additional convenience fees.

Problem 2: High pressure sales.

The JD Swallow SOLUTION: we recognize that there is always more than one option to fix a problem. Our technicians are specially trained to identify a broad range of “fixes” that provide options that will fit your situation and budget.

Problem 3: Technicians are late for appointments.
The JD Swallow SOLUTION: we take punctuality seriously, and we will pay you for your time if we are even one minute late.

Problem 4: Ottawa homeowners feel nervous having technicians in their home.

The JD Swallow SOLUTION: we invested in rigorous background checks to check for criminal history, and a driving record check, too. Of course, we also test to ensure that they are absolute expert technicians. The result is that you can be assured that the JD Swallow Heating and Air Conditioning technician that comes to your home has a record of being trustworthy and has high standards of integrity.

Problem 5: Ottawa homeowners don’t have time to research and learn which heating and air conditioning products they should choose.

The JD Swallow Solution: we provide what is probably the most substantial, easy to understand materials in Ottawa that we created especially for Ottawa homeowners to learn what they need to know in order to make an informed decision. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to send you one of our homeowner’s guides that will save you a lot of time and effort.

heating and air conditioning companies in Ottawa