What’s The Right Furnace For Your Home?

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For professional furnace repair near Ottawa, as well as top-quality installation and repair, J.D. Swallow is a leading choice. We’re also a good sounding board for HVAC-related questions such as “What’s the right furnace for my home?”

How To Choose The Right Furnace For Your Home

With a few exceptions, most of today’s gas furnaces and electric furnaces are manufactured in similar fashion. Leading furnace makers like Tempstar, Rheem, Lennox, and Carrier use comparable parts and likeminded design methods. Of course, things might change a bit on the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum, but for the most part these manufacturer’s furnaces offer the same performance potential.

So how do you choose the right furnace for your home? Let’s examine three key factors that you should consider before making a purchase.


This is where the process begins. If your house is on the small side, you don’t need a big furnace chugging away and giving you more heat than you need. Similarly, customers with large houses would do well to avoid installing a furnace that’s too small and thus unable to appropriately heat each room. In both instances, a size mistake will lead to wasted energy and unnecessarily high heating bills. Finding the perfect-size furnace for your home involves our local furnace company coming to your home and making calculations that incorporate floorplan, number of windows, square footage, basement/attic space, and more.


A lot of complex thought and construction goes into a modern-day furnace, but ultimately the question of efficiency is a simple one: “Will this furnace lower my monthly bill?” The desire for eco-friendliness is a given, since efficiency is directly tied to a furnace’s “green factor”. So when evaluating different furnaces, the equation to keep in mind is easy: less energy used = less energy needed to heat my home = lower usage and lower overall costs.


For decades, single-stage furnaces were the norm because they don’t cost a lot to make. However, the downsides (which many of our readers are probably familiar with) include so-so fuel efficiency and a propensity for noise-making. Thus was born the two-stage concept, which are quieter and more efficient. The latest furnace design is called “modular”, and it’s a considerable improvement on both of its predecessors. Modular furnaces are not only quieter than older models, they’re also much more fuel-efficient and far better at delivering consistent, comfortable heat to all rooms of a home.

Why You Should Choose a Tempstar Furnace

Ottawa is prone to harsh winters, and that’s why J.D. Swallow recommends Tempstar furnaces. Our list of reasons is long, and includes:

  • Innovative technology far above the industry norm
  • Exceptional dependability
  • Superior quality standards
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Consistently energy-efficient year-round

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Contact an experienced J.D. Swallow furnace technician and let’s talk further about buying and installing a Tempstar furnace. Installation, maintenance, and repairs – we have you covered on all fronts.

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